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  Teahupo'o Double Pack: Blackwater & May Dayz - Surf Videos on DVD
Teahupo'o Double Pack: Blackwater & May Dayz - Surf Videos

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Blackwater is the story of Teahupo'o, a humble Tahitian village and a coral reef wave made from equal parts beauty and terror. The wave is undoubtedly one of surfing's most challenging and awe-inspiring waves, as Chris Malloy comments "That wave has changed surfing forever."

2005 SURFER Poll & Video Awards Nominations:




The movie features fantastic surfing and commentary from a who's who of surfing, people such as Vetea David, Manoa Drollet, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo, Bruce and Andy Irons, Layne Beachley and the Hobgood brothers to name a few. For the first time you can see and hear it all - the myths, the facts, the history, the stories, the consequences, and most of all, the unforgettable waves.

The music is top notch with artists such as Adam Freeland, Red Whyte, Butterfly Effect, Decoder Ring, Paul Kearney, Katalyst, Pre-Shrunk, Clotaire, Inked Factor, Nora Drenalin, Volatile, Not For You, Switchkicker, Strength in Numbers, Erther and Live, Love, Regret.

Blackwater contains loads of never-before-seen footage from over 25 of the world's best cameramen, exclusive interviews with over 50 great surfers, and just one BIG star - a surf location that's nothing short of unbelievable. This is a must-see DVD..

On May 1st & 2nd 2005, Teahupo'o roared like never before over two days, and it was completely documented as THE BEST EVER by Blackwater director Tim Bonython.

Day One was big grey and very scary and Day Two delivered a day of massive, perfect waves.

See the images that went around the world--including amazing footage of a jet ski going over the falls and almost taking off Raimana Van Bastolaer's head! Also, the biggest wave EVER paddled into at Teahupo'o with 2001 World Champ, Globe's CJ Hobgood taking the drop on a monster of a set wave, now etched in Tehaupo'os history.

BONUS FILMS: See the latest 2005 action from two crazy swells to hit Teahupo'o on 9/11 & Oct. 2nd in "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Teahupo'o 911". This includes Shane Dorian's self-proclaimed "biggest wave ever". Plus, see what is claimed by some as the biggest wave ever surfed at Teahupo'o by Manoa Drollet.

First there was Solid, Billabong's epic two day account of all-time Teahupo'o in May 2005. Now Globe, with director Tim Bonython has released it's account of the Session of the Decade. While the two share much of the same mind-****ing surf footage, May Dayz is a far superior film. Waves Magazine .. Nov 05.
Every angle of every wave that mattered from those two days is covered and every player in the drama is grilled to create a surf movie that has you hooting and shaking your head no matter how jaded or numb to Chopes you might be. Australian Surfing Life.. Dec 05.

'Put your balls in your purse and go to the bathroom, cos you're about to **** yourself.

Never before has a film done so much justice to the speed at which this wave breaks. Never before has the vibe of every person interviewed - from photographers to the surfers themselves - been so amped. This film needs no fluffing; it's pure, no-bullshit, ****ing breathtaking surfing'. Tracks Mag .. Dec 05.
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