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  The Shapemakers - Surf Video on DVD
The Shapemakers - Surf Video on DVD

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The ShapeMakers. A documentary about surfboard shapers. A film by Paul Kraus. Conversations with some of the most influential shapers of our time...and what they put into each board. With Dick Brewer, Bill Hamilton, Dale Velzy, Renny Yater, OLE, Tom Morey, Terry Chung, Midget Farrelly, Scott Dillon, John Gillis and Mitchell Rae.

The ShapeMakers are a group of highly individual craftsmen who create beautiful and functional art in the form of surfboards. Since the early Hawaiians, surfing and board building have held a fascination for expert and novice surfers alike. A unique partnership between the surfer and the shaper can creat the "magic board." Even though surfing has gone through many changes in style, the process of shaping a board and then riding a wave are the same as they have been for hundreds of years. John Severson, the founder of Surfer Magazine, and a filmmaker of much experience himself, encouraged me to make this now because "there are living masters among us." It would be impossible to include all the great shapers who are working today in such a project as this, but I have selected individuals who have been pivotal in the development of the modern surfboard. Our conversations are candid, with lots of stories about shaping and the surfboard industry. I hope others will enjoy this unique view into the shapers world. Aloha, Paul Kraus

Music: Howland/Imboden, the Pahinui Brothers, Pekelo Cosma, Merrell Fankhauser, Alex Karl, and Cindy Combs.

DVD Special Features:

DVD contains chapters on each shaper
The Shapemakers features interviews with some of the most influential surfboard shapers of our time

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